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Fostering the Success of All
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Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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District Vision, Mission, Values



At Scouth Christian, we work daily to foster the success of all students through the district vision and mission.

Christian County District Vision:  


Transform the educational environment to meet the ongoing demands of 21st Century learning so that all students are engaged in a high quality, equitable education and are prepared for community and global responsibilities.


 Christian County District Mission:


The mission of the Christian County Public School System is to create an educational culture of continuous growth through shared partnerships and responsibilities.


Core Values because we believe


Student achievement will be high or steadily improving in ALL schools with equitable outcomes for ALL students.


All students can meet and exceed high performance standards and must be continuously challenged to do so.


Each person in the school system must be focused on the development of the whole child and student success.


We must understand and embrace our students’ diverse cultures and learning styles.


The district and the community, together, are responsible for giving students academic and other essential support so they can focus on learning.


Effective, collaborative work with the community will produce success for students.


We must base all of our decisions on evidence and the best interest of students.


We have the ability to meet all state and federal government requirements.


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