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Snow smart  
Activity Date: 5/19/2017


Students & Parents,

This page will assist you with knowing what to do during a snowSMART day.

This is another term for a "snow day" in which students must work/complete assignments from home. However, we do have snow days built into our district calendar. We also have time for make up days that we will add to the school year before resulting to the snowSMART days. Therefore, this day will be used in an emergency situation and you will be notified if and when the district intends to use it.

The special area teachers have all decided to have fun links provided for the students during snow smart days. Please go to the links tab and use the last two links provided on the page. One is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra site and the other is the Philharmonic site.

These assignments are optional. If you would like to share your work with me:

You may email me your work or print a copy and bring it in to school.

There is enough work for you to do at least 3 days worth or 3 separate activities.



For Kindergarten and 1st grade students,

On the DSO kids site there is a link for color pages and build your own instrument. Do either or both activities. You can color on line or print any page.



For 2nd and 3rd grade

On the DSO site there is a learn and listen tab. Click it then choose two instruments and listen to the recordings. List 3 to 5 adjectives that describe the sound or timbre you heard in the recording.

There is also a composer tab. Choose any two composers. Read the bios and write three sentences about their lives.


For 4th and 5th

On the New York philharmonic site, click the game room tab. Play any game then write a paragraph about what you learned about music while playing the game.

There is a composers gallery and an instrument room tab. Click either tab and choose two instruments or two composers. Write a paragraph about each instruments and or each composer.


6th grade

Please practice daily and write a log of what you practiced each day. If you do not have your instrument at home, go to either fun activities link: DSO site or New York philharmonic site and read about your instrument and instrument family.