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Snow SMART Lessons   

Students & Parents,

This page will assist you with knowing what to do during a non-traditional instruction day.

What is a non-traditional instruction day?

This is another term for a "snow day" in which students must work/complete assignments from home. However, we do have snow days built into our district calendar. We also have time for make up days that we will add to the school year before resulting to the non-traditional instruction (NTI) day. Therefore, this day will be used in an emergency situation and you will be notified if and when the district intends to use it

What lesson will my student need to complete on a non-traditional instruction day?

We have four content areas in fifth grade. Your student has one assignment for each content area- math, reading, social studies, and writing. You will be able to access all of these assignments from our teacher websites. For each assignment, your student will have a short lesson and a corresponding activity that will be due to the teacher upon returning to school.

How will we correspond with the teacher(s) if we have questions?

The fifth grade team has decided to make two options available to students and parents to communicate on an NTI day. First, our e-mails are always a good bet so that we can communicate back and forth. We will respond in a timely manner. Also, we will be using REMIND to send text alerts to parents if needed.

  • Math- Mrs. Bentzel (
  • Reading- Mrs. Humphries (
  • Social Studies- Mrs. Stone (
  • Writing- Mrs. Hale (


What if we do not have internet access?

If you do not have internet access, please check no on the form that was sent home with your student and return to school.  We will prepare your student's NTI (snowSMART) folder with non-technology assignments. 

Where are the assignments located?

There will be a different assignment in writing, math, reading, and social studies for each snowSMART day that is assigned. These assignments (lesson and directions) will be posted on 5th Grade's Google Classroom. Click the link below to go there directly!