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Karen Hargrove Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Daily Schedule


If you want your child to eat breakfast in the morning then they must be on campus by 7:05.  School start time is 7:15.  We want students to have enough time to eat. 


Specials will rotate by specific days to ensure that all students receive equal amounts of time in every special area.

S.O.U.T.H. will be the code for rotation. Each letter/day will be displayed in morning assembly and in the hallway by the gym as friendly reminders.

For example, Mondays are not specifically for Library, Tuesdays are not specifically for PE, etc. In the event that we miss a day of school due to holiday or inclement weather, the specials' rotation schedule will pick up where we left off. For example, if we have an H day on a Friday but then miss the next Monday due to a holiday, our specials' schedule will resume at S the next day we are in school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sixth grade is an exception to this rule. A student who chooses to be in the band will be in the band all year. All other sixth graders will alternate between gym and art each nine weeks.