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12340 Herndon-Oak Grove Road

Herndon, KY 42236

(270) 887-7350

Our School

South Christian is located on Highway 117 in the rural community of Herndon in southern Christian County. South Christian has a diverse and ever changing student population. We serve students from Oak Grove, Hopkinsville, and the surrounding farming community. Our proximity to the Fort Campbell military base means we have the privilege to educate a large number of students whose parents are serving our country. We are proud to be a military connected school.  

South Christian was the top performing school in Christian County during the school years 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2012 we were in the top 40 ranking for the state of Kentucky.


Sparking INSPIRATION in elementary to SUCCEED in high school and ACHIEVE the fullest potential. 


South Christian Elementary mission is to give students confidence, tools, and support to explore the changing world around them, to spark inspiration, and to ensure our students achieve their fullest potential by providing a well-balanced enriched education full of meaningful learning experiences.

Guidelines For Success 

South Christian DREAM Expectations. D - Distinguish Yourself, R - Respect Everyone, E - Expect Excellence, A- Achieve Success, M - Motivate Others. Out goal is to have a 1:4 ratio of positive and negative interactions.