Positive Behavior Intervention System


South Christian implements a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system of school-wide behavior expectations. The main focus of School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide proactive and effective behavioral support for students at the universal level. This means that we teach students desired behaviors and school wide and classroom expectations. Students are expected to follow the behaviors and expectations that teachers teach, model, acknowledge, provide feedback, and reteach daily. Students have the opportunity to earn school wide and classroom rewards throughout the school day by demonstrating our school-wide DREAM Guidelines for Success, school-wide expectations, and classroom expectations. When students don’t respond positively, teachers will respond, intervene and follow the school’s discipline plan for minor and major behavior infractions. Other than safety, our main priority is to  protect our learning environment. Please see the DREAM Guidelines for Success and behavioral supports below.:


SCHOOL-WIDE Guidelines for Success

Distinguish Yourself 

Respect Everyone

Expect Excellence 

Achieve Success 

Motivate others


South Christian Behavioral Supports:

Classroom Expectations 

School Wide Common Area Expectations

Dazzling Dragon - Monthly Character Recognition and Reward

Lunchroom Leaderboard Reward System

Compliment Box

Dragon Stickers to Chart Class Compliments

Dragon Bucks System and Store

Positive Behavior Interventions A-Z

Trauma Informed Care Response Systems

MTSS Meetings to address student behavior beyond Tier 1 Supports 



Common Area Expectations


Walk on the Second Full Tile at a Voice Level 0

Walk on the Right Side of the Hall

Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself

Stay In Line at All Times



Remain at a Level 0 All the Way Through the Serving Line

Sit in Assigned Seat & Remain Seated

Raise Hand if in Need of Anything

Use a Voice Level 1

Do Not Touch Someone Else’s Plate/Food or Share Food



No Touching or Physical Contact

No Feet on the Slides

Stay Where Teachers Can See You

No Throwing Mulch

No Jumping Out of Swings

No Balls unless Teacher Supervises



Wait in designated area until directed to go into the restroom

Respect the Privacy of Others

Flush Toilet

Carefully Wash Hands & Turn Off Water

Keep Floors, Sinks, & Mirrors Clean

Place all Trash in Trash Cans


Nine Weeks Rewards:

Students that do not receive a major referral for a nine weeks period may be able to earn the PBIS School Wide Reward. The following are tentative dates for this year's rewards:


October: Hay Day

December: Movie and Popcorn in the Gym

March: Dance Party

May: Water Day

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